Eleven reasons to switch from Windows to Linux

5 October, 2021 - by Andrew Oram

Today Microsoft releases its first major new version of Windows in more than six years, tagging this version of its flagship operating system with the number 11. The question is on the minds of millions: Windows 10? Or Windows 11? Well, why not GNU/Linux instead!... Read more

The Many Meanings of Linux, Part 2 of 2

28 September, 2021 - by Andrew Oram

The first part of this article explored the astonishing impact of Linux on allowing an entirely free computer system, proving the viability of free and open source software, Triggering a move toward open standards and open source software, and bringing modern software within the reach of millions more people. This part concludes the article by covering the following trends:... Read more

Arjang OÜ: Why we have been an LPI training partner for ten years

22 September, 2021 - by Arash Dehghan

Arjang OÜ is a computer training school centered in Istanbul, Turkey. Our technical team consists of experienced trainers, developers, and system administrators. We have been delivering quality training both nationally and internationally. We also have a certification system to evaluate students and certify them for what they have learned.... Read more