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Businesses across the globe are increasingly implementing DevOps practices to optimize daily systems administration and software development tasks. As a result, businesses across industries are hiring IT professionals that can effectively apply DevOps to reduce delivery time and improve quality in the development of new software products.

To meet this growing need for qualified professionals, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) developed the Linux Professional Institute DevOps Tools Engineer certification which verifies the skills needed to use the tools that enhance collaboration in workflows throughout system administration and software development.

In developing the Linux Professional Institute DevOps Tools Engineer certification, LPI reviewed the DevOps tools landscape and defined a set of essential skills when applying DevOps. As such, the certification exam focuses on the practical skills required to work successfully in a DevOps environment – focusing on the skills needed to use the most prominent DevOps tools. The result is a certification that covers the intersection between development and operations, making it relevant for all IT professionals working in the field of DevOps.

Current version: 1.0 (Exam code 701-100)

Objectives: 701-100

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this certification. However, an additional certification in the candidate’s primary area of expertise, such as LPIC-1 or a developer certification, is strongly recommended.

Requirements: Passing the DevOps Tools Engineer exam. The 90 minute exam is 60 multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions.

Validity period: 5 years

Cost: Click here for exam pricing in your country.

Languages for exam available in VUE test centers: English, Japanese

To receive the Linux Professional Institute DevOps Tools Engineer certification the candidate must:

  • Have a working knowledge of DevOps-related domains such as Software Engineering and Architecture, Container and Machine Deployment, Configuration Management and Monitoring.
  • Have proficiency in prominent free and open source utilities such as Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, Puppet, Git, and Jenkins.
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Java 開発者

Python 開発者

PHP 開発者


SQL Database 開発者

組み込みシステム エンジニア/開発者



Database 管理者

Big Data アーキテクト









Microsoft システム・エンジニア



DevOps Tools Engineerの資格保持者は、以下のことを検証します。


  • 最新のソフトウェアアプリケーションとクラウドサービス
  • DevOpsのコラボレーションをサポートするツールについて


  • 継続的インテグレーションおよび継続的デリバリーパイプラインの設定
  • アプリケーションコンテナの構築、展開、オーケストレーション
  • システム構成の自動化
  • システムイメージを構築し、ローカルおよびクラウドで実行する
  • アプリケーションとコンピューティングインスタンスの監視
  • ログデータの管理、収集、分析
  • ソースコード管理とバージョン管理の使用
  1. 試験の詳細をみる
  2. DevOps試験ガイドをダウンロードする 
  3. 試験バウチャーを購入する


DevOpsに言及している求人数は、過去4年間で1485%増加している "ジョブボード"

84%の企業がDevOpsを採用 "RightScale 2017 State of Cloud Report"

72%の中小企業がDevOpsを採用 "RightScale 2017 State of Cloud Report"

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